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Italian Bank NPLs: Montecillo July 2016 News Digest

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The recapitalization of Atlante 1 or the creation of an Atlante 2 fund solely for NPLs remains a hot topic, and Premier Matteo Renzi continues to express hope in “market-based solutions”. The problem is that funding will require moral suasion from the Government as the big banks, Intesa and Unicredit won’t commit further resources to […]

Italian Bank NPLs: Montecillo June 2016 News Digest

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The gripping saga of Italy’s NPLs proceeds apace, firstly with Unicredit’s alleged offer to put 1,5Bn Euros into rescuing Banca Popolare di Vicenza. Although Ghizzoni, the CEO and an old hand at Unicredit, claims the offer wasn’t binding, the Board appears to have taken exception to hearing about this commitment only when the Atlante fund […]

The Deloitte Italian NPL Outlook

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Click here: The Deloitte Italian NPL Outlook